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is specializing in the design of quartz crystal components in the development and production companyHeadquartered in Shenzhen, bran ch is located inZhengzhou city of Henan province. Founded in 1996, The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14000 certification system, and so on. The company has first-class manufacturing equipment, advanced production technology and high-quality scien tific and technological personnel, the overall strength in the nation in the forefront. Monthly quartz resonators, oscillators and filters 10 million products, Products are exported to South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe
Corporate headquarters
Switchboard: 0755-29955906
Fax: 0755-29955906-808
Website: www.sz-xdl.cn
Zip code: 518131
Office address:Zhonghua Road Shenzhen city Longhua new city streets Kang Sheng Electronic Industrial Park building C 438-439
Shenzhen branch
Phone: 18688798368
Website: www.sz-xdl.cn
E-mail: xindali6688@sz-xdl.cn
Business Manager: Mr.Zhang
Factory: Zhonghua Road Shenzhen city Longhua new city streets Kang Sheng Electronic Industrial Park C building 4 floor
Zhengzhou branch
Tel: 13303719311
Zip Code: 450016
E-mail: zhj@sz-xdl.cn
Website: www.sz-xdl.cn
Business Manager: Mr.Zhang
Factory: Zhengzhou City hi tech Zone, hi tech Zone, foreign trade zone, eight workshop
Hubei branch
Phone: 13972861760
Zip Code: 448124
E-mail: td@sz-xdl.cn
Business Manager: Mr.Li
Factory: Xinglong road in Hubei city of Jingmen province Duodao District No. 178 Xin Jing Li Industrial Park
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